Year 7 - 8 Whānau

Welcome to Year 7 to 8 Whanau! We are the senior team at Orakei Primary School.

Our Teachers

Mathew Tāmariki
Team Lead
Room - K2
Anthony Hall
Room - K1
Kaupapa | Lines of Inquiry
I have built and extended my knowledge of significant historical places, and significant actions iwi and hapū have taken in the past. I have researched the stories they tell about their history in their rohe to identify important people, decisions, events and dates that important in my local area. Thinking critically about the past and interpreting stories about it. Identify and use sequence. Construct narratives about the past.
Pangarau | Maths
Number Knowledge and Strategy
Addition and Subtraction using whole numbers based on needs. Multiplication and Division focus based on needs
Gather many variables (multivariate) of: category data, whole number data Sort and display data in different ways, e.g pictographs, bar graphs, pie charts, strip graphs, tally charts, frequency tables graphs, histograms (for number data).
Nga Toi | The Arts
Visual Arts
Kowhaiwhai patterns that represent our whanau / family
Te Reo Maori
Learning new school waiata and actions.
Focus on the Ngati Whatua connections that are mentioned in our waiata and make connections to the learning we will be doing in our local community.
Resilience Programme
Sir John Kirwan Foundation Programme.
Panui Reading
Read non-fiction historical texts about the historical significance of specific areas in our local community. Make time-lines. Identify significant people who contributed to the local area in different ways. Read stories that identify traits of specific atua Maori to understand how we can identify our own personal traits. Analyse and record time sequences and personal impressions. Analyse character attitudes, traits, characteristics of each Atua. Identify an area of curiosity to conduct a research pathway.
Tuhituhi | Writing
Identify and use structural features that help us to persuade, inform and entertain an audience. Writing stories (eg diaries and recounts) and include historical locations that have a personal connection and/or cultural significance. Create a range of texts that present the facts that have been collected through the Inquiry process.
Events & Programmes
November 8th
Thursday 15 Feb - Y7&8 Tech begins 11:35 to 12:35. Students go by bus weekly. Wednesday 14th February, swimming lessons begin on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Mountain to Sea learning program - We will have a range of learning opportunities where we will travel, look at the health or our local beach and stream. Learning trips: Okahu bay activity day. Kepa bush and local stream activities. Goat Island snorkelling and exploration of marine reserves.
Hauora | Health & PE
Large Balls
Team sports to promote positive connections.
Relationships with other people:
Identity, sensitivity and respect.Takina Te Tikanga - Demonstrate tikanga in the classroom and playground.