Year 3 - 4 Whānau

Dr. Kim Gilmore
Associate Principal
Room - O1
Sarah Burrows
Room - O1
Anthony Hall
Room - O2
Dao Evans
Teacher - Technology Lead
Room - O3

Orakei Year 3-4 Hub - Term Overview 2023

Inquiry Theme: Action and Reaction

Kaupapa | Lines of Inquiry
Science, Living World
Life Processes: Recognise that all living things have certain requirements so they can stay alive. Ecology: Recognise that living things are suited to their particular habitat. Evolution: Recognise that there are lots of different living things in the world that can be grouped in different ways.
Pangarau | Maths
Number knowledge and Strategy
Addition and Subtraction Strategies; Multiplication and Division (equal sharing); Fractions. Statistics: Conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle Posing and answering questions; Gathering, sorting, and counting and displaying category data; Discussing the results
Nga Toi | The Arts
Visual arts lessons related to inquiry: A Journey from Self to Community; From Seed, to Plant, to Habitat
Te Reo Maori
Common Words and Phrases; Names of Native Plants; Tikanga Māori: Kaitiakitanga, Kotahitanga, Manaakitanga;
Panui Reading
Structured Literacy and Balanced Literacy; Guided Reading, Shared Reading, and Independent Reading; Sunshine (Set 1-5) (PM readers from level 8 onwards)
Tuhituhi | Writing
Shared Writing and Independent Writing; Daily “Do Now” writing prompts; Procedural Writing- steps for science experiments; Descriptive Writing/Informational Report
Room O1- Class novel: The Wild Robot
Events & Programmes
Junior Athletics Day
Thursday 9th November
Cheeke Hero Fun Run
Friday 1st December
Last Day of School
Friday 15th December 1pm Finish
Hauora | Health & PE
Relationships; Identity, Sensitivity, and Respect; Interpersonal Skills
Explore and share ideas about relationships with other people. Demonstrate respect through sharing and cooperation in groups. Express own ideas, needs, and wants.
Resilience Programme
Gratitude/Whakawhetai, Mindfulness/ Whaiwhakaarotanga, Empathy/Ngākau Aroha