Year 5 - 6 Whānau

Angelica Koltonowska
Room - A4
Ashleigh Blackwell
Room - K4
Stuart Selby
Room - K6

Ōrākei Y 5 &  Y 6 Hub - Term Overview 2024

Inquiry Theme: Action and Reaction

Kaupapa | Lines of Inquiry
Planet Earth and Beyond
Aotearoa New Zealand History Whakapapa me te whanaungatanga (Culture and Identity) Stories of journeys to Aotearoa (eg waka and how they sailed to NZ using early navigation techniques eg stars, cloud formation, currents. Science:Planet Earth and Beyond: Investigate the components of the solar system, developing an appreciation of the distances between them. Facts about our planets, moon, stars and approx distance.
Pāngarau | Maths
Number knowledge
Number Number: Using a range of additive and simple multiplicative strategies with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. Know basic multiplication and division facts, counting sequences for whole numbers & how many tenths, hundreds and thousands are in whole numbers. What is a million? Knowing big numbers.
Measure time choosing appropriate standard units and working with them to the nearest tenth eg calendars, decades, timetables, clocks (hours/minutes)
Ngā Toi | The Arts
Display in Orakei Bay Village eg te waka 3D sculpture & te wheke red/black/white.
Te Reo Māori
Atua Māori
Understanding of how to use Atua Māori as reference points to support them in a range of ways. Rongo ma Tāne Māui Tikitiki Rūaumoko Tūmatauenga Tāwhirimātea Tangaroa
Pānui Reading
Reading and comprehending non fiction text. Interpreting pictures, illustrations and diagrams and identifying vocab appropriate to the topic and how the writer structures their information to convey facts clearly.
Tuhituhi | Writing
Tuhituhi | Writing Writing explanations and information reports. Using concise language and true facts. Reorganising facts and information into coherent paragraphs.
Revise long vowel spellings, homophones (red/read), Trigraph ‘dge’ eg bridge, syllable division (eg The tiger Rule) and the doubling rule (eg stopping)
Events & Programmes
Kapa haka opportunities begin this term for beginners and advanced level. Trip: Pouwera Gardens in Kepa Road. In June, a tour of our māra kai and the nursery,
Hauora | Health & PE
Team skills and games for understanding eg soccer, basketball, hockey.
Being part of a team - sharing
Resilience Programme
Mana Potential