Inclusive Education

Head of Inclusive Learning/SENCO - Dr Kim Adams 


At Ōrakei School we are proud to celebrate our students ' diversities. Our trusting relationships with our students and their Whānau ensure we are able to create a safe and inclusive learning environment. We have a school culture of embracing each other's differences and learning from each other. 

To build our inclusive culture, our students take the lead in organizing school events that mean something to our community. In the past, we have celebrated Daffodil Day, Down Syndrome Awareness Day, and World Cerebral Palsy day to name a few!

We work closely with Cheekee Hero Charity which is a whānau-led grassroots charity. Through our work together, we empower and champion tamariki and rangatahi with different abilities, and their whānau, to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. 

Our support plans are individual to each student's needs, our school SENCO will meet and build this plan alongside the student and their whānau. 

We offer intervention programs to supplement learning as well as having a dedicated team of learning support who work across the whole school. 


Gifted and Talented (GATE)

Since 2012, Ōrākei School has provided a program to cater for those students identified as having exceptional ability in an area. Gifted and talented students think and learn in divergent ways and often learn differently. Our current programme facilitator, Diana Hayman, works for the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education and runs one day programs across Auckland. She focuses on fuelling the students with personal development, a positive mindset, thinking tools and strategies and opportunities to explore passion areas.



ESOL English as a second language classes run weekly and are separated into Junior and Senior classes. The content of the classes relate to the inquiry topics of the students classes to ensure the lessons supplement their classroom program.